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Here at Moonlit CBD, all our products are vegan, yes, even the CBD gummies! CBD extract is plant-based and entirely vegan!  

If you’re doing Veganuary and worried about still being able to take CBD products, worry no more. Pop a drop of CBD oil in your favourite drink or a gummie after dinner and know that our products are high quality, safe and that we publish all our lab reports for your peace of mind.  

Here are our top product picks this month, perfect for those joining in with Veganuary (and beyond!).

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Our Top 5 Picks for Veganuary: 

  1. Starlight CBD Gummies 

The tastiest and easiest way to get your CBD dose. Take one in the morning, on the way home from the gym, an hour before bed – the possibilities are endless. With 300mg of broad spectrum CBD distillate, these gummies have 10mg per sweet.  

A discreet way to get your dose during the day, we’d recommend 2-3 gummies daily. If CBD oil isn’t for you, gummies are one of our top picks in general for ways to take CBD. We’ve recently changed the ingredients to make sure these are vegan-friendly, that’s another reason they are one of our top picks for Veganuary!  They are still as tasty as before, but now the benefits can be enjoyed by more people.

  1. Lunar CBD Oil, Mixed Berry 1000mg 

With a mixed berry flavour, this CBD oil contains 1000mg of broad spectrum CBD distillate which per drop is around 5mg. With approximately 200 drops a bottle, this CBD oil makes it easy to control dosage.  

To take, simply put a drop under your tongue and wait 60 seconds before swallowing. This gives the oil chance to absorb into your system. We have a variety of flavours, but the mixed berry is a firm favourite with a lot of our customers.  

  1. Darkside CBD E-Liquid 500mg 

If you vape, our CBD e-liquid is an ideal choice. Vaping is one of the quickest ways to feel the effects of CBD, so if you’re looking for something that can work fast, CBD e-liquids are the best choice.  

The Darkside e-liquid has no taste for those who don’t enjoy the taste of flavourings. This e-liquid is for use with electronic cigarettes and offers 500mg of CBD. If flavour is your thing, try our strawberry or grape CBD e-liquids.  

  1. Zodiac Sublingual Spray 500mg 

Our Zodiac spray is a mixed berry flavour and is designed to be sprayed into your mouth. Used by spraying under the tongue and like the CBD oil, waiting 60 seconds before swallowing.  

This 500mg bottle contains around 100 sprays and 5mg per spray. A quick and easy way to take CBD, it’s also easy to track your dose by keeping track of the number of sprays.  

  1. CBG Oil 500mg/5% 

CBG oil is a compound found and derived from cannabis. Known as the mother of all cannabidiols, like CBD it has many benefits and is made into an oil to make it easier to absorb.  

This 500mg bottle offers around 200 drops at 2.5mg per drop. Made from natural ingredients and offering a lower dose, it’s a good option for those getting started and wanting to keep track of how much they are taking.  

Moonlit CBD 

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