The Rise of CBD; and why it’s becoming increasingly popular.

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If you keep up to date with the latest trends in health, medicine and wellness, it’s highly likely you’ve heard a thing or two about CBD by now. Swiftly gaining popularity amongst all generations right across the globe, CBD oil is the latest product to be marking its territory within the modern day medicine market. Controversial, almost certainly, but nonetheless, a must-have remedy for so many on a striking world-wide scale. But why the meteoric rise in demand for this natural substance, and where exactly can you find it?

Let’s face it, over the last few years we’ve seen CBD make headlines as bloggers, celebrities and influencers including Mike Tyson, Kim Kardashian, Bubba Watson and Morgan Freeman, all rushing to share their advocacy for the alternative product. Meanwhile, we’ve witnessed laws and legislations change rapidly as each country adapts a new perspective on the legal status of obtaining and selling CBD products for therapeutic purposes.
Unsurprisingly, both the controversy and continued promotion has meant that CBD has been under the spotlight for quite some time, and for those of us who were always intrigued, it’s now accessible and affordable to try.

Though, before you part with your pennies and check out your basket, it’s good to understand more about where each product comes from and which one is most likely to suit you. From gummies, to flavoured vape liquids and high concentrate oils, there are a range of goods to choose from. With CBD products now retailed in high street stores and countless e-commerce selling sites, it’s never been easier to find what you’re looking for, but with so much opportunity to purchase, it’s simply a case of choosing the best.

Derived directly from the Cannabis Sativa plant, cannabidiol is a non-addictive active ingredient that is said to have several beneficial properties. Unlike its counterpart, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive compound derived from the same plant, cannabinol is entirely non-intoxicating. This herbaceous flowering plant is thought to be native to Central Asia but now due to its widespread cultivation, is grown right across the globe.

At Moonlit CBD, we source our CBD products from Colorado, USA, which has become increasingly reputable for producing the pinnacle of CBD goods. We then manufacture our products to specification for sale right here in the UK, providing our customers with high­ quality oils, liquids and gummies they can purchase confidently at affordable prices.

Because we believe the best way to do business is through operating transparently, our third-party lab results are published online, offering consumers the option to look into the science behind our CBD and discover why our products stand out from the competition. Individual batch testing is done to prove consistency and purity at all times, so you know our information and products are genuine when purchasing through our online store.

If you’ve never tried CBD before, but you’ve found yourself here reading this, then it’s a fair presumption to say you’re thinking to try it, though you might be wondering why CBD over other alternative products. For years, there have been a range of readily available remedies on pharmacy and supermarket shelves, developed to provide temporary relief from broken sleep, anxiety, depression and various physical ailments. Herbal ingredients such as passionflower, valerian root, and rhodiola have been blended into a medicinal tablets, syrups or capsules, whilst Ylang Ylang and Patchouli, and lavender have all been utilised for pillow sprays, each promising a restful sleep. Maybe you’ve tried some, or all of these in the past and have found they’ve worked well. But if for any reason, neither one quite hit the mark then CBD could be your next option.

Suggested effective for a range of physical and psychological issues, but claimed especially beneficial for those struggling with anxiety, sleep and stress disorders, CBD is fast­ becoming one of the most popular choices for sustainable relief.

While there is certainly no promise that proves CBD oil can fix all manner of ailments, critics, influencers and health advocates have regularly shared opinions on its proposed wellness benefits, with many suggesting improvements in mood, sleep patterns and general energy levels. Scientific studies and research are both an ongoing progression, and continue to document evidence on the efficacy of the cannabidiol compound. In recent times, the FDA has even approved cannabidiol-based drugs for certain health conditions and purposes, having enough confidence in it’s medicinal properties to warrant its green light. This is just one of many movements that has perhaps steered the popularity of CBD both in America, and across the world.

We’re not suggesting that CBD is the ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution to absolutely anything, but if your regular alternative products have failed to impress, there’s no good reason to say no.

Now, here’s for those questions you most want answers for, we’ll do our very best…

Is it safe?

Yes, absolutely. CBD is now legalised for sale within the UK, and if buying from a reputable seller, you can feel confident all products have been thoroughly tested and approved before retail.

Will it work for me?

This is a question with no solid answer, but there are enough claims to insinuate it might. If you’re looking to simply supplement your usual wellbeing routine, then we’re confident CBD oil will make a fantastic addition to your regular regime.

Can I find out more information?

You can. Browse through our website to view full product listings, inclusive of transparent and clear lab test results. We want you to feel confident in your purchase, so do your research first and buy later.

Have more questions in relation to our products or the wonderful world of CBD?

Simply contact us through our website and send them in to us. Over the next few months, we’ll be publishing more information on CBD, addressing some of the most frequently asked questions and dispelling some of the CBD industry’s most common myths and mistruths.

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