Sleep Wars – Can CBD combat the nation’s fatigue?

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Sleep. We all need it, and considering that we spend approximately one-third of our lives asleep, it’s seemingly a pretty vital aspect to living a full and healthy lifestyle; and yet, according to a research study by the UK Health Centre, it’s suggested that at least 25% of our British population experience some form of sleep disorder. That’s a fairly astounding statistic, and delve a little deeper into this, you’ll find it’s not just the generic sleep disorders behind the nation’s fatigue. Lifestyle factors such as workplace stress, financial difficulties, recurrent headaches, pregnancy, menopause, anxiety and depression are just a handful of scenarios instigating our rapidly accelerating sleep problem. So, how do we beat it?

Well, let’s face it – there’s been theories-a-plenty on how to blow off the bedtime blues and establish a healthy sleeping pattern. Dating right back to the 1800s, people were reliant on a vast range of natural herbs, each believed to have sleep-inducing properties, and even today, many of these are still available to try. Valerian root, whilst then most often prescribed to women suffering from ‘hysteria’, swiftly became high in demand for its health claims of improved sleep. Lemon balm, passionflower and magnolia bark have also each claimed a place in the sleep-miracles arena over the years, and not forgetting your traditional camomile tea, now one of the most popular global sleep remedies with over 1 million hot cups consumed per day! That’s a whole lot of herbal promise for those desperate for a good night’s rest, and that’s not all.

As the years have ticked by, we’ve become much more progressive and interested in the principles of sleep. Today, health and fitness gurus will champion the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, claiming regular fitness and a nutritional diet are often enough to encourage better sleep habits. Psychologists across the world are starting to evolve into theories regarding blue light and technology and how screen glare can almost certainly disrupt our more restful periods, whilst doctors are becoming increasingly aware of medical issues that could well be the root cause behind our war of fatigue. Sure, darkened rooms, relaxing playlists and prescribed medicines could provide the solution for some, but for those who have already tried and tested an array of sleep-inducing remedies, could there be another contender in the run up?

For some time now, there have been global discussions around cannabidiol, most commonly referred to as CBD, and as far as medical claims go, there have been plenty! The facts are, research studies into cannabidiol and the ways in which the compounds interact with our bodies, are still very much underway, and we’re yet to uncover the full extent of CBD’s claimed capabilities. For now, very few suggestions are backed up by scientific evidence, though there have been an unprecedented number of positive stories for how CBD has supposedly transformed and enhanced the lives and wellbeing of many, right across the globe. 

Research to date has certainly unearthed some interesting facts for consideration, with investigations highlighting increased sleep durations and decreased levels of cortisol, both of which could contribute to a better night’s rest, Though, if you’re thinking to buy and try CBD oil for yourself, you’ll first want to identify the best products on the market.

At Moonlit CBD, we’re passionate about what we do, and because we believe quality is key when experimenting with CBD, we’ve made it our priority to source our products directly from the pinnacle of CBD production. Our oils are manufactured and bottled right here in the UK, with our ingredients first derived from the hemp plants of Colorado – just a quick google search will tell you enough about why we’re proud to list that as one of our USP’s! We know that you need to know exactly what’s in your products too, so we’ll always publish our independent lab tests for complete transparency. Not buying your products from the Moonlit CBD online store? Just be sure to leave your purchase with a reputable retailer!

Now, buying your CBD product is one thing, but knowing how to use it is another altogether– and if it’s a deep restful sleep you’re hoping for, there are some great ways to incorporate CBD into your bedtime routine. We can’t promise a dream-laden sleep with no night-time disturbance (we’ll wait on the scientific clout for this one!), but if you’d like to try out the CBD sleep therapy, here’s how you might want do it:

Inhale, Exhale…

Inhaling a CBD vape oil and e-liquid that’s designed for use with a vaporiser, will usually trigger a relatively quick effect. That’s because vaping and inhaling will allow the product to enter your bloodstream, which is considered one of the quickest ways to consume CBD oil. If for you, vaping trumps gummies, we suggest doing this around ten minutes before you go to sleep – this should, in theory, provide the maximum effects.

Take it hot… 

Are you an avid tea drinker? Aren’t we all! Although, if you’re struggling to float off to the land of nod, you could try switching out the Earl Grey for a touch of CBD instead! CBD tea has been long linked to having therapeutic properties, but whilst we can’t guarantee a better sleep, there’s certainly no harm in giving it a try!
For a quick easy bedtime tea recipe, we suggest a small mug of boiled water, a dash of vanilla extract, one lavender tea bag and your all-important CBD oil. Like your tea sweeter than most? Drop in a sweetener to take off the edge!

Simple does it…

Perhaps you’re just a little too tired for all the fuss, and you’d just like to take it straight. If so, our CBD gummies and sprays are a no-nonsense fruity and flavoursome way for newcomers to experiment with CBD. With no preparation required and available in a range of flavours, there’s something to appetise every taste. Why not take a browse through our store and add our favourites to your basket? Quick acting, tasty and affordable, there’s nothing to lose!

Can CBD really enhance sleep, and is that well-earned rest just around the corner? Well, let us know once you’ve tried it out! If you have questions about any of our products, or would like to find out more about CBD, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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