Feeling Anxious? Here’s how CBD oil can Relieve your Stress.

CBD oil stress

Heart racing, palms sweating, mind racing, breath shaking; episodes of anxiety can create a flurry of emotions, often driving us headfirst into an unwelcome state of overwhelm. Of course, even to those of us prone to experiencing anxiety, moments such as these may be fleeting. However, with data from the National Office of Statistics suggesting that at least one in 5 adults in the UK have experienced some form of anxiety or depression throughout the pandemic, the number of us affected is certainly on the rise.

More than ever, we are a population significantly impacted by mental health disorders. As daily life pressures continue to increase, with many citing workplace stressors, childcare facilitation, peer pressure, physical health challenges and unsettled home life situations, as reasons for feeling the pinch on our mental state of mind, there’s plenty enough justification for the nation’s drastic dip in mental wellbeing. In the wake of the pandemic especially, GP surgeries and mental health clinics across the country, and indeed, worldwide, have seen a steady demand for help and support.

Fortunately, there are a wide range of medicinal options available for treating anxiety-related disorders, such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, most commonly referred to as SSRIs. Familiar anti-depressant medications, including Prozac and Zoloft, have been proven highly effective for years before now, however, like most prescription facilitated drugs, these too, often come with a host of unpleasant side effects and pose the risk of addiction; and the challenges don’t stop there.

As people attempt to navigate the emotional tidal storm of coronavirus, resources and manpower are at an all-time low. Healthcare professionals must prioritise tending to the physical fall out of the fast-spreading virus; meaning routine appointments are more difficult to come by and mental health waiting lists are far longer than expected. In the midst of anxiety-inducing chaos, whilst so many are unable to access prescribed antidepressants, it’s unsurprising to see alternative treatments rise up the ranks as favourable solutions – and CBD oil is fast becoming one of the most popular options.

Let’s take a look at why…

It’s a well-known fact that the majority of panic disorders, anxiety, and depression can be attributed to lower amounts of serotonin in the brain. This multifaceted monoamine neurotransmitter helps to control our state of mind and plays a key part in modulating our mood, mental cognition and our memory.

Although research is still underway to determine exactly how CBD oil works to positively influence our mental and physical health, certain studies have shown that CBD oil can ‘turn on’ our 5-HT1A serotonin receptor, which consequently can raise our serotonin levels and improve our emotions, making us feel better, mentally. On the scientific subject of receptors, it’s also worth considering our endocannabinoid system, an entire chemical communication system that plays a critical role in stabilising the internal environment of our bodies.

This complex, and often misunderstood biological system, is composed of a range of ‘endocannabinoids’, cannabis-like substances that are naturally present within us. One of those endocannabinoids is Adenosine, an organic compound regularly referred to as ‘the bliss molecule. Interesting namesake, but where does it derive from?

Think of this compound as our ‘joy trigger’; it’s thought to be significantly responsible for balancing our body, elevating our mood and controlling our overall feelings of happiness. What we do know of CBD is that it acts as an A2A adenosine receptor, boosting our adenosine levels, and reducing our symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression.

Often, this mood-changing boost can spearhead us into feeling much more energised, with studies suggesting our self-motivation levels are certain to improve. What’s more, unlike prescribed serotonin reuptake inhibitors that can have a similar effect, CBD oil comes void of those adverse reactions. Where regular antidepressants are renowned for impacting our sleep, reducing our libido, creating unsettling stomach symptoms and much more, the gentler influence of CBD oil is much less likely to leave you with any lingering side effects.

Science says it likely works, but if you’re the kind to take your recommendation via word of mouth, you don’t need to look much further than Kim Kardashian. Over the years, this party-hard A-lister has been pretty vocal about her personal love for CBD, claiming it supports her in managing her everyday stressors, whilst inducing a sense of calm. Kim’s positive experience with CBD oil has even seen the celebrity star host yoga parties and zen retreats, featuring her top favourite CBD products.

Of course, it’s not enough to simply buy a bottle of CBD oil and hope for the best. Your body is a temple, and looking after yourself is critically important. Now more than ever, CBD products are readily available to all, and with several retailers and a wide range of products within the market, it’s a case of choosing the best from the rest.

Feeling confused as to what differentiates one bottle of CBD oil from other? Fear not, here are our top three considerations for choosing the right CBD oil to manage your anxiety effectively.

CBD Source:

It’s not often thought of, but the geographical location of where your CBD oil is sourced really makes quite the difference! CBD that’s derived from hemp plants based in the US or EU, are much more likely to offer better quality. This is predominantly down to the fact that farmlands and hemp plant sites within these countries are strictly regulated; meaning you’ll be getting your hands on an uncontaminated CBD product that is also GMO-free.

CBD potency:

Ever had an overpriced, watered-down beer that’s left a bad taste in your mouth? We know that feeling too, so pay close attention to CBD potency when purchasing your CBD products. Potency is measured in milligrams and accredited to the CBD concentration present within a particular product. Some retailers will offer products with varying potency levels, allowing users to be more flexible with their dosage regimes. Unsure on which dosage and potency is right for you? Contact us for further advice.

Lab results:

Let’s face it, very few of us will put something in our mouths if we’re unsure of what we’re consuming. Reputable retailers won’t be afraid to publish their laboratory testing results, enabling you to know exactly what’s in your product at the point of purchase. Can’t find this information, pre-sale? Consider why it’s not public knowledge before investing your pennies and trying it out!

Stress levels managed, you’ll be feeling great on the inside; but if you’d like that glow to radiate in your skin too, why not check out our previous blog? For more, follow us on Facebook.

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