CBD Buyer’s Guide for Beginners

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If you’re new to CBD, looking to buy a gift for someone else, or want some additional information on Moonlit products, this guide should help you when it comes to choosing which CBD products to buy.

Why Choose Moonlit CBD?

At Moonlit CBD, we’re open about our products and their source. We are confident about their quality and safety and openly share our lab results on all products. We are always happy to talk about any of our ingredients.

We have a variety of stockists around the UK who also believe in the quality of our products. We offer affordable, quality CBD products with oil sourced from Colombia. Once we receive the oil, we manufacture, package and ship our products from the UK.

We urge everyone to do their research and ask questions, not just of us, but wherever you buy your CBD products to make sure they can verify their sources and are transparent about lab reports. You can learn more about CBD here.

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CBD Types and Methods of Taking it

How do you take CBD? There are lots of methods you can choose from, the choice is yours. You can ingest, inhale, or rub it into your skin. CBD is available in a variety of forms including:

Sprays (both oral and topical)
Oils (with or without tinctures)
Vape juice/e-liquid

Sprays are available in oral or topical versions to either spray onto your skin or into your mouth. Vaping is the fastest way to feel the effects of CBD as it reaches your bloodstream quicker than any other method. Oils most often come with a tincture to allow you to drop it under your tongue. Gummies or edibles are simply eaten, this is one of the tastiest ways to enjoy CBD products!

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There are advantages are disadvantages to each method, it’s down to experimenting to find out what you enjoy, what you want to achieve and your reasons for taking it. Here are a few pros and cons of each method.

• Oral Sprays:

Pros: Fairly fast absorption, easy to use.
Cons: Can be awkward to take on the move, hard to work out the exact dosage.

• CBD Gummies:

Pros: Very tasty, easy to keep track of dosage and easy to take on the go.
Cons: Can mean you have too much sugar, can take longer to absorb.

• Vaping:

Pros: One of the fastest ways to absorb CBD.
Cons: Not suitable for those who don’t already vape.

• CBD Oil:

Pros: Available in many flavours, easy to pop a drop under your tongue to absorb, can add to food or drink.
Cons: Potentially causes stomach upset in some people.

Onset Times:

It will vary from person to person, but just keep in mind as a rough idea when you may begin to feel the effects of the CBD depending on the method you choose.

• Edibles/Gummies can take up to two hours.
• Vapes: 15-30 minutes.
• Oils with tinctures can take around 20-40 minutes.

If you’re starting out

Curious to know why people take CBD? Our blog should give you some insight into how it can help with things like getting better sleep or easing anxiety. We’ve written a lot on our blog about CBD, dosage, and research into the benefits. We will say there is no right or wrong way to take CBD and we would always advise buying a product with a lower strength to begin with.

Don’t be tempted to go all in and get the highest strength, start with a low dose once or twice a day for a week or two and take note of how you feel. You can then adjust strength and dose depending on what you’re trying to achieve and why you’re taking CBD.

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We would always advise you to talk to your GP if you’re taking other medications, just to be sure it won’t interfere with anything you’re taking. As a starting point, here are a few of our products with the lowest dose:

Starlight CBD Gummies 300mg 30 Pack
CBG Oil 500mg/5%
Zodiac Sublingual Spray 500mg / 5% Mixed Berry
Lunar CBD Oil 500mg/5% Fresh Mint

We’re always happy to give product recommendations and advice, so get in touch if you need more information.

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